Seas Like Graveyards EP

by (Letter) From The Lost Days

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Concept Album.


released October 19, 2012

Gus Couto - Everything.
Recorded in my own Home Studio.



all rights reserved


(Letter) From The Lost Days A Coruña, Spain

Raised in La Coruña.
Thoughts. Mistakes. Cold. Fracture. Distance. Heartless. Silence. EmptyWorld. Depth. Survive. Reason. Disease. Devastation. Knowledge.

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Track Name: Laptev Mountains
I want a sea like graveyard
A forest rising in flames
I want a deadly desert
Your tears falling in our cliff
I want a dead salvation...

I feel the end
I feel my earth
I feel the end.
Track Name: Red Colors in a Cold Room
Can you see when you find yourself ok?
When the problem is associated(the shore, big big shore)
Faster seasons falling on my own
Seeking on the grass, i find real ghosts
Fading ahead…

Come, beat me
to the 'dimension' falls
and fill the air with broken words
Come, hit me
in this dirty road
I climb the morgue to illuminate the storms

5 years lost and i´m speaking old tongues (see you on the inside).
Last years now and you fall to my fall and you come to my calm.

I found nothing,
you found nothing,
we lost anything,
The ice sprayed our days.

I gotta go to compress me to the river of the shame
When i find myself to forgive me, then you cut your regrets of my mistakes
Where she is….where is nowhere?
In my darkest….this is one more chance
Speaking 'no-words' 'cause you carry this head again…

Last years lost and i´m speaking old tongues.
Last years now and you come to my calm.
Last years lost and i´m speaking old tongues.
Last years now and you fall to my fall.
Track Name: We Lost Clarity
Day ends with sorrow when you´re crying
the sea is back on the coast, sleepless time.

And you said….'i'm lost there.'
and i wake………you sleep flames...

The river is quiet, the final years stay
beautiful disaster is planning on the earth
blackest days could forgive me
then i find myself and you´ll run into my bliss

Years gone by…tonight
Track Name: Our White Wretched Peaks
Difuminados días, resquebrajados pensamientos corruptos por el espacio vacío.
Una sola lágrima esgrimida del más profundo pesar, una tempestad inerte atravesando la estallada llanura.
Miles de faustos recuerdos agudizan el alma disfrazándola de lo que no es y de lo que quizás fue.
Alguien recuerda algo en este momento?
Quién controla la maquinaria espectral?
el deterioro es evidente.
Las punzadas azotan cada ser convirtiendolo en entes compuestos de ácido y titanio donde nada puede penetrar.
Había un tiempo donde se creía la vida….
había un tiempo donde el despertar estaba compensado….
había un tiempo donde yacer significaba reposar,descansar….
había un tiempo donde existía un comienzo…


Fuego destruye la barrera,
hielo nitroso debora los tejidos,
superficies convirtiéndose en seco polvo.
Nada. Nada queda.
La espada ya no corta,eso era antes.
Quién está sentado a nuestro lado?
se ve?
se siente?
Sobre el borde del abismo nebuloso exterior
renegando de esperanza
Estrella muerta…qué venía después?
que ocurría ahí dentro?
Laguna eterna, sin principio,
ya suena….
Ves la soledad?
no hay un todo, no existe

La espada no corta, ha sido probada.
Track Name: The Older Days
Oh, i´ll call you now
the backseat of my car is full of dust
and then i´ll empty the road
the fucking storms are raging on the waves.

The broken glass in my garden night
a thousand days are burst behind
i´m coming to, i´m coming to the graves.

I´m sinking the flood in the dry ghost light
and all i know is left tonight
the wood is rotten, your home is lost and scared

And you said….

And the pain is on their grace
and the statues are falling
and disappear…are grey in the shore
i dont fucking regret

You´re coming from the silent place
i know i´m lost there
but the future prays for all i want to save.

And the sun is colder now, cause your presence isn´t right
you´re swimming in the ice, i´ll find you tonight
and i describe your hands in my dear nightmares,
you´re buried in my dead mistakes.

I was lost in the middle of nowhere
but i can feel you tonight
all these words are falling to the voiceless night

And the pain is on their grace
and the statues are falling
and disappear…are grey in the shore
i dont fucking regret

you are coming from the silent place
i´m know i´m lost there
but the future prays for all i want to save...
in the older days
the older days
the older days
my fucking days.
Track Name: Naked Sun
I forget you in our sun.
All these worlds die in my mind
when you still fix our shine...
and you come from the stars.

Your eyes look dark
and your skin is so devastated for the ages
all this time counting the seas that i got in my my time..